Story2Life™ is the next step in media evolution...

The world is being powerfully shaped by technology in ways that we couldn't possibly imagine and Print media is no exception. Tradional print media affords a certain timeless experience, yet it lacks interactive qualities that only technology can provide.

There have been various examples of merging technology with print, including childrens books embedded with buttons and voice recorders as well as birthday cards that play music when opened. Some of these products have been well received while others not so much. The succesful efforts all have one thing in common - they deliver a truly seamless expereience.

The merging of print media and technology is an idea whose time has come, however it struggles to be fully realized and has yet to be meaningfully developed.

Story2Life™ changes all that.

Story2Life™ books use NFC tags and patented, NFC / RFID shielding technology that allows for NFC / RFID use in multiple layers.

NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are hardware tags that allow for contactless digital interactions. These tags can be utilized for many different applications. They are widely used for inventory tracking, mobile payments and in many other scenarios.

Each Story2Life™ book is embedded with NFC tags throughout its pages to deliver engaging digital content to the reader alongside traditional print media. Unlike QR codes where the user must engage the camera, focus in on the image with proper lighting and angle each time a QR code is being read, NFC allows for a seamless experience and completely removes interruptions and disengagement from the experience.

Story2Life™ integrates cutting edge technology with the most basic form of content to transform ordinary reading into an experience!

Hanukkah Guide - Available at select fine retailers.

Bring the holiday of Hanukkah to life! “Hannukah Guide” is a Story2Life™ book that will bring you and your family into an immersive Hanukkah experience according to authentic tradition.

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