Story2Life™ is the next step in media evolution... Books and digital content. Seamlessly combined.


T he merging of print media and technology is an idea whose time has come. Story2Life™ combines books and digital content in a way that's easy to use and seamless like never before using patented NFC / RFID shielding technology.

MLNFC - Multi Layer NFC technology™ has also been applied to create a collectible card experience that combines the physical and digital with endless possibilities! Check it out at!

The world is being powerfully shaped by technology in ways that we couldn't possibly imagine and print media is no exception. Tradional print media affords a certain timeless experience, yet it lacks the truly engaging and interactive qualities that only technology can provide.

Children's books and birthday cards with buttons, voice recorders or auto play music upon opening, are a few examples of integrating different forms of media. Some of these products have been well received - because they deliver a truly seamless expereience.

QR codes are great but the user needs to engage the camera for every interaction and focus on the code with proper lighting and angle. NFC completely removes interruptions and disengagement from the experience and allows for a magical and fluid experience.

Story2Life™ is a new form of media that integrates cutting edge technology with the most basic form of content to transform ordinary reading into a totally engaging experience!

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